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Postpartum Care Packages
& Continued Support For Women

We Partner With Amazing Local Businesses And A Community Of Women To Create Care Packages For Postpartum Support.
Those Care Packages Reach Mom's Who Are Healing With Their Infants In NICU At Golisano Hospital.

Included In The Packages Is Our Custom Postpartum Tea Blend
Two Hearts Beat: Postpartum Blues

  • Blueberry- an antioxidant that improves microcirculation, assists in healing bruises, skin trauma, and has protective effects on the heart.

  • Hawthorn- Heart toning ally, assists physically and emotionally with microcirculation to tissues, bruising, musculoskeletal trauma, and nervous depression.

  • Red Raspberry- A plant for heart health and oxygenation of the cells, can help to strengthen uterine muscles

  • Tulsi- known as holy basil, this sacred plant protects the heart from stress, increases joy and happiness and helps with memory, concentration and mental activity.

  • Marshmallow Leaf- moistens the entire system: calms stomach, helps to lubricate skin, joints, this can be helpful for breastfeeding while counteracting potential dryness of other herb allies. 

  • Blessed Thistle- this liver strengthener is also a galactagogue, assisting with lactation, and can alleviate musculoskeletal complaints. cooling / drying / bitter

  • Rosehips- from the seed pod of the beautiful rose, this is packed with vitamin c, a restorative nourishing ally. 

This custom blend was formulated by a local herbalist. Shay can be reached at for consultations and concerns.

If You Would Like To Donate Items, Please Reach Out To Abbie.
See Our Events Calendar For Upcoming Events If You'd Like To Join A Group Of Women Pouring Love Into Postpartum Gifts.

Holistic Wellness Starts Here

We Are Honored To Be Surrounded By Passionate Healing Practitioners In The SWFL Area.

Reach Out For Referrals If You Are Looking To Add Someone To Your Care Team

Healing Is Not Linear

The healing journey ebbs and flows- which is why we encourage the exploration of wellness avenues.

Where to Reach Us

27725 old 41 rd # 206

Bonita Springs, FL 34135

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