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 We Believe That Health And Healing Is Individual. Our Physical Bodies, Emotional Well-being And Mental Health Are Equally Important. Our Community And Educational Events Are Designed To Allow You To Choose What Resonates With You And Your Healing Journey.


We Offer A Wide Range Of Services Including:

Massage Therapy

Ayurvedic Bodywork

Bio-field Tuning

Sound Therapy

Thoughtfully Sourced Herbal Products

Lymphatic Drainage

Power-plate Fitness Instruction

IV Therapy

Toxic Free Living With Essential Oils


Join One Of Our Classes For Self Care, Hormone Health, Functional Gut Health, Meditation, And Education From Trusted Holistic Practitioners In Our Area. 

Our Experienced Practitioners Are Dedicated To Helping You Achieve Optimal Health And Well-being, And Are Committed To Providing Personalized Care In A Supportive And Nurturing Environment. Our Variety Of Workshops And Events Are Designed To Help You Deepen Your Self Care Others In The Community.

Whether You Are Looking To Relieve Pain And Stress, Enhance Your Wellness Routine, Or Simply Relax And Rejuvenate, Rowan Wellness Has Something For You.


My Name Is Abbie Norman

​I Founded Rowan Wellness, Named After My Son Who Passed Away At Five Weeks Old.

The Toll That Grief Took On My Body, Fueled Me To Create A Safe Space For Healing- Full Of Accessible Holistic Tools So That No One Is Left To Suffer In Silence And Solitude As I Did.

You Can Follow My Healing Journey:

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Being A Massage Therapist Means More Than My Career- It's An Integral Part Of Who I am And What My Life Path Is. This Is My Passion; Guiding You Through Your Healing Journey With Massage Therapy, Ayurvedic Bodywork, Herbal Remedies And Self Care Techniques.


I Believe Wellness Is Individual.

Over The Past 15 Years, I have Developed My Own Style Of Bodywork; A Multi-Manual Therapy Approach Built From Intuition, Post Graduate Workshops, Self Guided Research, And Through Years Of Hands On Experience.

Healing Is Not Linear; And Through Grace, Acceptance, And Encouragement, We Can All Feel Safe On Our Healing Path As It Ebbs And Flows.

Woman receiving back massage
Woman receiving shoulder massage.
massage therapy

Rowan Wellness Is A Holistic Wellness Center Focused On Healing From Chronic Physical Pain. We Understand That Our Bodies Hold Emotions, Trauma, And Dis-ease When The Whole Self Is Not Balanced.

Our Medical Massage Therapy And Ancient Ayurvedic Treatment Are Tailored To Each Individuals Needs And Are Designed To Improve Overall Health And Well-Being.

We Believe In Treating The Whole Person, Which Is Why We Host Classes, Workshops, And Community Events- So You Can Build Your Care Team With Modalities And Practices That Resonate With You. We Collaborate With Local Small Businesses And Practitioners That Align With Our Vision For Wellness, To Bring You The Best In Complementary And Traditional Healthcare. Let Us Help You On Your Journey To A Healthier, Happier, You.

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