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Record this, or have someone else do the talking, or memorize.  Take plenty of time between each thought.  Give yourself time to fully embrace each moment of this meditation.  Enjoy.
Sit comfortably, sitting on a cushion, legs crossed, or out, or sit on a chair, so that your body is upright.
Close your eyes or leave them open with a slight downward gaze.
Breathe - slow...... deep...... fully in....hold.....fully out.
Again.... slow.....deep........fully in..........hold...........slowly, fully out.
Again....slow.......deep...........fully in........hold....hold....hold.... slowly, fully out.
Imagine a ball of white, crystalized light.
It's beautiful, bright, full of energy, knowledge, love.
It enters your body at the base of your spine.
Slowly, it travels up your spine as you continue to breath deep, slow.
Slowly, it travels down your spine.
In your mind, look at your hands. Appreciate them.
Look down at your body from above, with a feeling of love towards yourself.
Stay there for a few moments to feel this appreciation for yourself.
In your mind, look around the room from above,
feeling love for everyone and everything there.
Now you are outside looking down at the building you are in,
sending love, appreciation.
Now, further away, you look at the town, sending love.
Now you are out in space, looking at the earth, sending love,
Taking time to send love to each of those places
that may need more healing and peace.
Feel joy, a sense of freedom, love, happiness towards the entire earth as a whole.
Nothing else matters at this moment.
Only how you feel - joy, love, happiness.
Stay there as long as you feel comfortable.
Then slowly come back, to the earth, ... to the town,...  to the building,...
to the room,... to yourself.
Slowly open your eyes, appreciate all that you see around you.
Take that feeling wherever you go.
That feeling is food, nourishment for your soul.
Love to all.
- Dawn
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