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How Does Reflexology
Tie Into Power of
Positive Thinking?

By Dawn Ciliberto

When the body hurts, you're stressed. You're anxious, irritated.  Sometimes mildly, sometimes much more prominent. You get fatigued more easily; can't even think straight with the tension the pain is causing.  When that happens, where's your focus?  You need to get this done and that done, and you're trying to find the reserves to keep plugging away so you can rest at the end of the day.  Pain, discomfort, general tension keep you from doing your best. Sometimes you even address the discomfort, cursing your pain, getting frustrated at its persistence within you.  This can occur through conscious thought or as an underlying current running through you. 

If you become more aware of the pain/discomfort/tension, that's an indication your body and mind are somewhat connected.  Sometimes you sure wish they weren't connected!!  But as it is so, what do you do?  Keep going without dealing with it? Thinking it may just go away on its own?  Sometimes, that's all you do.  What usually happens in those instances is maybe it does get better over time, but then you're left with a subtle tension that lingers for days, months, even years, until it manifests into something a lot bigger, and then there's no denying it. 

It's already been proven through science and medicine that most diseases are caused by stress.  So, what can you do about it?  You can take pills, and yes, sometimes they work.  Sometimes they also cause side effects that lead to other health issues. And sometimes they just don't work at all. 

Whether you take medications or not, there are other avenues you can take to help alleviate the pain/discomfort/tension as well.  Exercise. Diet. Massage. Reflexology. 

Yes, Reflexology.  Why not kick back, relax, and get the pressure points on your feet worked to help the health of your WHOLE body, not just the area of discomfort? When the body feels relaxed, tension slips away, and the body's own healing mechanisms can begin their work.  You walk away and it's still doing it's job.  Helping the body heal. 

What happens next?  You feel better!!

What happens then?  You can think more clearly!!!

Imagine that.  Now that your body feels better, your mind relaxes, too.  You can make better judgments, better decisions.  Your communication with others, with co-workers, family, friends, clerks in the grocery store, on the phone with clients, whomever, is more friendly because you FEEL better.  Then what happens?  Because you treat others more kindly -- why not, you're feeling good -- then others treat YOU more kindly.  Okay, let's be real.  Sometimes the OTHER person is in pain.  Well, because YOU'RE not, you can deal with THEIR tension that much better. 

So, bottom line is that when you feel better, you are in a more positive frame of mind.  When that happens, you draw more positive into your own life. 

It's that simple.  And where does it all begin? 

With Reflexology.

So, what are you waiting for?

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